Installation Guides/Downloads

Looking for installation guides for your diesel project? We now have an easy to download .pdf file that will help answer any installation questions that you may have. We are adding installation sheets daily, and as always if there is something that you don't see or have questions on give us a call!

DHD Classic Duramax Steering Stabilizer Bracket Installation Guide

DHD LML Center Link Steering Stabilizer Bracket Installation Guide

DHD Dirty Alli-Locker 5-Speed Installation Guide

DHD Dirty Alli-Locker 6-Speed 2006-2010 LBZ LMM Installation Guide

DHD Dirty Alli-Locker 6-Speed 2011-2015 Early LML Installation Guide

DHD Dirty Alli-Locker 6-SPeed Late 2015-Present LML/L5P Installation Guide

DHD Duramax PCV Re-Route Installation Guide

DHD Reamer Installation Guide 037-150

DHD Trans Line Repair Kit Installation Guide

DHD ZF6 Transfer Case Brace Installation Guide

DHD Tranfer Case Brace Installation Guide 100-175

DHD Tranfer Case Brace Installation Guide 100-180

DHD 700-125 Standard Fuel Block Upgrade Kit

Know Your Duramax - Vin Decoding

Know Your Duramax - Flywheels

Know Your Duramax - Balancers

Know Your Duramax - Blocks

Know Your Duramax - Pistons

Know Your Duramax - Reluctors

Know Your Duramax - Rods

Know Your Duramax - Front Covers

Know Your Duramax - Lifters

Know Your Duramax - Heads

Know Your Duramax - Injector Hold Downs

Know Your Duramax - Upper Oil Pans

Know Your Duramax - Intake Runners

Know Your Duramax - Rocker Shafts

Dana Spicer U-Joint and Yoke Measurement Guide


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