DH 2.0 "The Second Rendition"

As if one hooker wasn't enough, we decided to take the Dirty Hooker to the next level with the ground up build named "DH 2.0". This truck won virtually every competition it was in and finished out on top of the 2.8 points leader-board and yet another pulling championship with the TTPA. You may also have seen this truck is various diesel performance magazines and competitions, as it was run all over the state of Michigan and a couple states throughout the mid-west. We took the truck down to the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza and placed 4th overall against purpose built 3.0 trucks which we were pretty happy with. The DH2.0 is still running around in the mid-west with a new owner Kyle Erich. The truck is now in the 2.6 class, so keep an eye out, you may see her at a pull near you!