NEW Product Announcement!

The new DHD Low Profile line of EGR Delete kits are the perfect upgrade for your 2006-2010 LBZ-LMM Duramax Diesel intake system! We have a total of four kits available in the new Low Profile style that you can choose from in order to suit your application the best. These kits include our 3” mandrel bent aluminum piping with CNC machined flanges. Everything you need for installation is included with the kit, and full color instructions are available on our website.

Kit Options:

DHD Base Low Profile EGR Delete Kit With Grid Heater

DHD Base Low Profile EGR Delete Kit Without Grid Heater

DHD Super High Flow Low Profile EGR Delete Kit With Grid Heater

DHD Super High Flow Low Profile EGR Delete Kit Without Grid Heater

These kits will work on any 2006-2010 LBZ/LMM 6.6L Duramax Turbo Diesel

What are the benefits of an EGR Delete kit?

Cleaner Intake:

First and foremost, preventing those exhaust gases from getting back into the intake system will greatly reduce the soot build up in your intake system. This will also reduce the contaminants from getting into your engine oil. By eliminating your EGR, you are allowing the truck to breathe without restriction. This will reduce exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) and drive pressure greatly, which will help your engine last longer, and run cooler. Contaminants can be further reduced when used in conjunction with our PCV reroute kit. The factory PCV system routes oil mist into the intake system and the combination of the soot from the exhaust and the oil from the PCV make a real mess!

Increase HP and Torque:

The first time you take your truck out for a test drive, you'll notice improved throttle response and more horsepower. Our tube is bent from one 3" aluminum tube. Unlike the stock casting, our tube has no sharp corners allowing significantly better flow resulting in increased horsepower, better throttle response and quicker turbocharger spool-up. We have bench flow tested a stock LBZ/LMM intake manifold versus our Base Low Profile Intake and found that our kit improved air flow by 52% over stock. This increase in air-flow capacity resulted in a 30 HP increase and a 48 ft-lbs increase in torque, and that was just with our base kit! Larger numbers will be achieved on our Super High Flow versions. Please note these figures are for a modified engine. These improvements will vary depending on existing engine modifications.

On top of all that, the kit will really impress your buddies when you open the hood. The bright aluminum bridge and delete kit tubing really spruce up the engine bay. We do offer in house powder coating and your EGR Delete kit can be powder coated your favorite color upon request. Check out our Facebook page for additional pictures and customer feedback regarding our kits!